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Bcyclet is above all a benchmark of unequalled quality and client comfort.

Simplicity, Efficiency:

Bcyclet takes care of everything! Let true tourism professionals organise your trip. No more hunting for hotels, no more hours of research into the best sites, the most beautiful roads, the most stunning views or the best restaurants. Booking with Bcyclet is the promise of experienced professionals devoted to your well-being and carefree holiday.

Be a cycle Traveller :

That's our policy in a nutshell, be a cycle traveller! You just have to concentrate on making the most of your holiday. Whether you're cycling, enjoying a picnic, at the beach, in a restaurant... pleasure rules the day. After all, that's what a holiday is all about!

Why travel with us?

Bcyclet prides itself on its "handmade" tourism. Bcyclet creates a real dialogue with each client in order to meet your needs and offer holidays best suited to every one of you.Like true bespoke craftsmen, Bcyclet offers tours tailored to your interests, making sure your trip is everything you wished for, with all the ingredients for a perfect cycling holiday; gourmet food, good wine and hotels where charm and warm welcomes take pride of place!

Our destinations :

Bcyclet offers a range of trips carefully selected and created by our team. All our destinations have been tested and approved by our team to ensure your utmost pleasure. We attach great importance to small quiet routes, beautiful landscapes and just the simple pleasure of cycling.

How to choose your holiday:

Bcyclet are sporty cycling holidays. Because there are several factors to take into account it is not always easy to rank the holidays by difficulty, so we have created the Bcyclet Index (IB).

(Kilometrage/Number per day)* (Positive climbing/ Number per day)*(1+(% difficulty/100)))/1000

To work out if you are physically capable for your chosen holiday you just need to look at its BI category. You should be able to fit into one of the first 3 categories. HC is a separate category.

3rd Category : 40 to 80km/day ; 500m+ to 1500m+
Dedicated to leisure riders (2 to 3 outings per month).

2nd Category : 80 to 110km/day ; 1500m+to 2500m+
For regular riders (4 to 6 outings per month) capable of climbing high mountain cols.

1st Category : 110 to 140km/day ; 2500m+ to 3100m+
For confirmed riders (several outings per week) capable of climbing several high mountain cols in one day.

Hors Catégorie : 120km to 200km/day with massive amounts of climbing;3100m+ to 5000m

This category is EXTREME and only for very experienced cyclists looking for a challenge. We offer ONLY ONE UNIQUE HC holiday per year. This is an end of season challenge when your form is at its peak, one final chance to fill your head with fabulous landscapes before putting the bike away for the winter break. During this EXCEPTIONAL holiday, which changes every year, you will benefit from support from the WHOLE Bcyclet team!

Don't forget that most of our holidays are available in 2 versions. Each morning you can choose how hard you wish to ride that day. Don't worry, everyone meets at the same point for the picnic lunch and refreshment breaks.